Monday, September 19, 2011

Hash Trash #1

Well the York Hash #1 is in the books. What a day it was. first I gotta give spanks to all those who helped me out, and came....First gotta call out Lock Jaw, and Griz who told me about this thing a long time ago. He helped me tons and made that cool sign for the hash. The H5 ers, who came are great, and they set a very high standard, and had a large group.The Nittany Valley hash drove the short bus down, which really impressed me. But I wonder, how many of them rode a bus like that to school every day?  Then there is my mother hash, the Selinsgrove hash! These folks rode their bikes down, and what a fine looking bunch of machines, oh the motorcycles looked good too. Wet Dreams did the RA duties for me, I really appreciate the help! Last but not least, gotta send out props to just Aaron who was the virgin I got to go along on Wed. night when we were down town. He showed up late, but since it was a real shitty trail he found us easily.
     Now the trail....Well it got started an hour late....Lock Jaw and I thought we had a good plan scouted..We were going to go through all areas that were just flooded , and still real soft.....I got spotted as I was marking the first beer stop. Lock Jaw got caught by Bush Rat as he was just starting to lay back trail... when I got spotted a took off a fast as I could go....I was dropping paper, but way too far apart and the pack lost trail. Didn't matter they just followed a railroad and caught me too....So at Circle, Lock Jaw and I got to sit on a bag of ice while we were serenaded for a couple down downs......OOOOOHHHHH what a feeling!...All in all a good time was had by all...We killed 4 cases plus all but a gallon or so of a half keg. Not bad for 35 hashers....Thanks again everybody who came...Now where to go but up from here! On On  Takes It Up The Ass Like A Man

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